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Today’s educational and non-profit organizational leaders confront unique challenges compounded by rapid change across their organizations as well as within their personal lives. As a leader, you’re tasked with achieving measurable outcomes, managing increasingly diverse teams, resolving issues, and supporting your organization’s success — with maximum pressure and minimal resources. When you need strategies and solutions, who do you turn to?

With extensive administrative experience in creating inclusive cultures as well as strengthening executive presence, Dr. Mary Boyce collaborates with leaders in higher education and non-profit spaces as they achieve professional and personal goals. Whether you’ve recently assumed a leadership role, are a seasoned leader at the peak of your career, or are somewhere in the middle and wondering what’s next — Dr. Boyce is ready to listen, learn, and work with you as you shape the path to your inspired future.


Coaching Services

As a leadership and life coach, Dr. Boyce works with clients one-on-one through a process of self-discovery, clarity and fulfillment. Rather than telling clients what to do, Dr. Boyce guides them as they define their own journey, refine their goals, and identify and overcome the barriers to reaching those goals. Dr. Boyce walks the talk. After decades of successful coaching, she recently earned her ACC certification with the International Coaching Federation.


Dr. Boyce calls on her experience leading and consulting with institutions as well as organizational storytelling to help leaders solve specific challenges, transform their organizations, build their executive presence, and inspire their teams. Clients emerge from individual or team consultations with actionable plans for reaching their goals and leading effectively.

You Have Challenges.

Find A Path To Resolve Them.

Whether through personalized coaching or organizational consulting, Dr. Mary Boyce is ready to help you discover what you truly want to achieve, and work with the obstacles that get in your way.


Change happens. Dr. Boyce can help you prepare for and engage with significant professional and personal transitions. Transition brings us opportunities for growth and development.


Leading a diverse team isn’t always easy. Dr. Boyce will work with you to identify your strengths, goals, and challenges as a leader, craft your story, and build the communication, collaboration and conflict-resolving skills you need to enhance leadership effectiveness and executive presence.

Maximize your team

An effective manager knows when to step back and trust the team. With Dr. Boyce’s guidance, you’ll develop strategies for improving your team’s productivity, creativity, and effectiveness — even when faced with tremendous challenges.

Create An Inclusive culture

Today’s organizations bring together people with a wide variety of experiences, perspectives, and talents. Dr. Boyce works with leaders to create more equitable and inclusive cultures that draw from a diversity of strengths and engage every individual in a shared vision and mission. Organizations can be places where all participants thrive.


Dr. Boyce provides life and leadership coaching. As your coach, she'll help you identify what’s important to you personally and professionally. You can create the life you want.

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