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Discover and realize your strengths as a leader, innovator, communicator, and change agent.


Reach your full potential as a leader, overcome obstacles to achieve your goals, and create your own success story with individualized coaching and consulting from an experienced professional, empathetic listener, and partner for your journey.

Coaching & Consulting

Do your Best Work

Individualized Coaching

Are you living your best life? Refine your professional and personal goals, identify the obstacles that prevent you from reaching them, and create a plan to thrive.

Organizational Consulting

Calling on over 30 years of higher education and academic leadership, Dr. Mary Boyce uses shared storytelling in professional development to open dialogues and help leaders cultivate inclusive cultures.

Professional & Personal Development

Engage Your Challenges

Managing Transition

Change happens. Career and life changes can be disruptive. Learn to approach transition as an opportunity for re-centering, self-discovery and enhanced effectiveness and satisfaction.

Effective Leadership

Maximize your team’s productivity, efficiencies, and collaborative creativity by building on their diverse strengths — and yours.

Thriving Together

Create an inclusive organizational environment that engages every individual in a shared vision and mission, while enabling each person to thrive.

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Client Testimonial

If you want new directions in your life or career, call the executive coach, Dr. Mary Boyce. Her thoughtful questions and wise feedback were precisely what I needed to get honest with myself, make excellent decisions, and follow through. Mary is a warm and brilliant executive coach I highly recommend.

— Dr. Frances Lucas, President
Frances Lucas Consulting, LLC

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