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Coaching for RESULTS

While personalizing and adapting her process to each client, Dr. Boyce bases her coaching services on the methodology of the Hudson Institute of Coaching.


Client engagement begins with a process of self-discovery. Clients are encouraged to examine the external forces shaping their professional and personal lives as well as their inner landscape. This whole-person perspective helps determine the clearest path forward.

goal setting

After discovery, Dr. Boyce invites clients to identify the personal and/or professional goals they want to achieve. Often, clients come away from this process with ambitions and expectations they didn’t know they had.

oBSTACLE Coursing

As part of the process, Dr. Boyce encourages clients to recognize and explore obstacles that may prevent progress toward their goals. These include internal as well as external barriers.

ACTION Planning

Together, the client and Dr. Boyce develop a plan of action for overcoming obstacles and reaching goals. Dr. Boyce regularly checks in via email, online conferencing, phone calls, or in person to assess progress and determine what adjustments are needed to the action plan.

ASsessing results

At the conclusion of the engagement, Dr. Boyce and the client assess the success of the collaboration, measure the outcomes, and discuss ways to apply what’s been learned and gained in other aspects of the client’s life.

What challenges and goals are you ready to explore?

Mary is especially adept at providing sophisticated feedback to leaders in ways that draw out their strengths and help to direct their energies to areas of their greatest potential. Mary’s involvement with NLA is terrific for us, shaping our program, setting a tone and standard for our coaching initiatives, and directly and most profoundly influencing those we serve.

— John Burkhardt, Professor, University of Michigan

Director, New Leadership Academy